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We Are DSJ Pipework

We are pipework contractors and installers throughout the UK. We also provide remedial repairs and extensions.

what we do

We install heating and cooling systems providing process pipework services, industrial and commercial heating services and installations.  We are also experienced in data and computer room cooling, purpose made stand alone skids and RPZ valve installations.

Excellence in Pipework

DSJ Pipework are experienced in all aspects of pipework installations and repairs throughout the UK and abroad.

trusted by clients worldwide

We are trusted by many diverse clients from MASDAR University, Abu Dhabi to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London

emergency service

We have a proven service for pipework repairs and can be available at short notice.

working to budget

We understand how to complete a project on time and on budget.

specialist services

We have developed expertise in specialist areas including purpose made stand alone skids and RPZ valve installations.


experienced in pipework installations

We are experienced pipework contractors.  We install heating and cooling systems.  We provide pipework repairs.  We are industrial and commercial heating engineers, ABS pipework and MDPE pipework specialists.  We build purpose made skids and provide RPZ valve installations.

process pipework

DSJ Pipework offer process pipework services throughout the UK including process cooling systems, industrial cooling, fabrication & installation service throughout a diverse range of process plant applications encompassing: chemical, gas, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

RPZ Valve installation
RPZ Valve installation

Many industrial and commercial premises will have been the subject of an inspection by the Water Company Regulations Inspector who will have advised the installation of one or more RPZ valves in order to keep your premises Water Regulations complaint and to safeguard the quality of drinking water in the area.  We offer RPZ valve installation services for many diverse industries.

data room cooling installation
cooling pipework

Whether it be a chiller, an adiabatic cooler or a free cooler we are specialist cooling installers and engineers.  We specialise in data room cooling including computer rack cooling, chilled water air conditioning to injection moulding cooling and installation of external chillers.

PLX Pipework

DSJ Pipework are certified Durapipe PLX installers to facilitate fuel transfer for clients such as service stations throughout the UK and worldwide. We are PLX dual containment diesel pipework specialists.  

Latest projects

30 years experience

With over 30 years of experience in pipework installations, cooling process pipework and repairs throughout the UK and worldwide we are sure to be able to provide a first class service for your project requirements. Please call us on 07782 508310 for immediate attention or complete the contact us form. We look forward to hearing from you.