Computer & Data Room Cooling West Midlands

Data room cooling pipework refers to the piping system that is used to regulate the temperature and humidity levels in a data centre or server room. This type of pipework is critical to ensuring that the sensitive electronic equipment in these environments is protected from heat and moisture damage.

Advanced Cooling Pipework for Data Rooms: Secure & Durable Design

Data room cooling pipework typically consists of a network of pipes that carry chilled water from an air conditioning unit to the computer equipment and then back to the air conditioning unit for reheating. The pipes are designed to be leak-proof and durable, and they are often made from materials like stainless steel or copper.

Comprehensive Data Room Cooling Systems: Enhanced with Smart Components

In addition to transporting chilled water, the data room cooling pipework system may also include components like valves, pumps, and sensors. These components are used to regulate the flow of water and to monitor the temperature and humidity levels in the data centre.

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